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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Safety Rules for paranormal investigators

I know you are an adult and can think for your self.  I know you are intelligent and sensible and you know all about being safe on an investigation. But I thought I would go over a few.  of the rules I recommend and I'll tell you why

#1. Never go investigating alone. You could get hit on the head by a low beam and pass out, you could have a sudden drop in blood sugar and you could pass out, asthma attack, falling and breaking your leg in a location where there is no signal for your phone.  Some homeless guy could jump out of the bushes and
.try to take take you home with him. or where ever.  Although these possibilities are slim, they can happen.
Just aks my team about the Low beam and the low blood sugar.

Have you seen the movie "127 hours"?  That is why you don't go alone.  If you haven't seen it rent it.

#2. Always tell some one else where you are going.  Again if no one knows where you are and you get stuck in a cave with no cell phone reception, who's going to come looking for you?

#3.  Actually 1,2,and 3 are THE most important things to remember when you are thinking of doing an investigation.  They all rank together as #1.  This one DO NOT TRESPASS!!, EVER.  It is against the law, you could be ticketed and made to look foolish. And not only you but every other paranormal investigator those cops encounter are going to have an invisible FOOLISH, written on their forhead.   Believe me this has happened a couple of times with groups I have been with.  Not investigating but doing other projects.  Cops showed up and threatened to take every one to jail.  Not just the person in charge who should have gotten the permission, but all of us.  And the cops sat there while we packed up and left. 
Paranormal investigating is not worth getting in trouble with the authorities.  Graveyards ,though really cool after dark, should not be visited after dark.  Most cemeteries close the gates at dusk and you would be trespassing after that.  Unless you can talk to the sexton and arrange with him or her to be there.

#4 this may seem ridiculous but you need to have a flashlight.  Believe me, I've been on investigations where people haven't had one and I admit I may have misplaced my a time or two and had to go with out one to the investigation.
I think I will leave it at that for tonight. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Confession #1

#1 Confession. . . . . . We don't  HUNT Ghosts. We are paranormal investigators. 
 In Utah the definition of Hunting something means you pack up a bag of warm clothing, ammunition, sometimes a tent and sleeping bags and usually a case of beer, you go up in the mountains with your shot gun and try to kill some poor defenseless animal. You sit around with your friends in the dark, telling stories, drinking, Waiting for the sun rise so the hunt can begin.  If you did manage to kill some poor animal, you drag it back home bragging how you shot the biggest one. 

The only similarities to what we do and hunting is packing a bag and sitting in the dark with friends.
We actually wait for Sundown to start our 'hunt' (although it isn't necessary)
We shoot things with EMF detectors, video cameras and audio recorders.  
We DON'T want to drag any thing back home with us. 
We don't drink beer while investigating unless we think it will draw out a spirit.
But plenty of coffee and tea are consumed.


#1 Fact: There are no facts in paranormal investigation.  A fact has to be proven.  Pretty much the only thing we can prove is there is something out there.  And what we may capture on video or audio isn't necessarily going to prove any thing to you. Unless you experience it for your self you will probably not be convinced of any thing.  Which is the way it should be.

#2 Fact:  Our definition of  "Haunted" needs to be revised.  Haunted has a negative connotation, we've had experiences with spirits that have been any thing but negative.  Our definition of  "Ghost" also needs to be looked at.  These are people who once were alive and had a body like you and I.  I like the term "Spirits"