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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Investigation results for The Horse. . . of course.


The Horse of Course Bar and Grill


This bar has been a bar for 50 years come Aug. 2014.  It was established in 1964 when the building was built.   It shares a building with Ye Old Lions Den restaurant which has been out of business for a number of years.  

July 29, 2014
The first visit we learned that many years ago a guy came into the bar, sat down and shot himself.  Kelly has seen this guy twice. 
Once up close, he was standing just outside her car.   In the parking lot of The Horse.

​Kelly also sensed a woman hanging around.  Couldn't tell much about her but the next time Robin came in ​Ferrin said they had taken the picture of Ethel (a former employee that had passed on) off the wall and everything in the bar went heywire.   Things did not work at all.   The next day they hung the picture back up and every thing worked just fine. 
​Robin asked if she could take down the picture during an investigation.
​Ferrin replied "no, no, no.  I can't afford that.   Unless you get permission from her first then you can take it down."

​Todd the co-owner said that on St. Patricks day they had streamers hanging down in the front entrance,  and he saw them go straight up and lay flat on the ceiling.  

​The previous owner has many tales of paranormal activity and will share it at Ghost Hunt 101. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ghost Hunt 101

Proper Paranormal is teaching  ghost hunt 101 classes this summer and fall.  The basics are taught and you will hunt with the group in a haunted location.  You will hear the activity from the people who experienced it and learn the history of the area.   You can check it out and sign up at www.properparanormal.com

first class is July 29 at the horse of course bar in Ogden at 3611 Washington Blvd.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Do ghosts remember?

   A couple of months ago I did something I hadn't done for a very long time.  I auditioned for a live theatre performance, musical theatre.    This particular theatre I have worked at since I was about 14,  I think I have done every aspect of theatre here that there is to do, except lighting.   My favorite thing of course was being on stage and hunting for ghosts. .
    As a paranormal investigator this was a gold mine.  I recorded class A audio EVP on several occasions.
Class A means it is perfectly clear, like some one talked right into the recording device.
   An investigator always announces them selves when they walk into a room or approach an audio or video recorder.  This was back in the day when you had to change video tapes or flip over your audio tape, the days before Digital recording equipment was affordable.  All I ever had was a tape recorder with a microphone plugged into it.  I caught some awesome EVP's on that, but to change the tape every 1/2 hour was a pain and we would be sitting in the dark,  dead quiet and the tape would come to the end and the recorder would flip off and make a huge sound, which made our hearts race and our bodies jump.
    This particular one investigation my tape recorder was a few feet away from another investigators video recorder.  We were experimenting to see if both would record the same EVP.
As the other investigator approached the video camera, to check the battery,  they announced themselves  "This is me".   When we played it back on my audio tape and the video tape we heard "This is me". . . . "hello?"   The investigator had not heard the "hello" when the video camera was being checked, but it was as plain as if some one was standing there and said "Hello" to the investigator.    We would hear our names being called out loud from another room when we were all standing together checking out a garbage can.  We would hear footsteps up stairs like a child running around, that one instance we weren't even really investigating, a friend was in film school and had to film a short documentary piece for class. They had chosen to do it on ghost hunting, but since it was an assignment she had written up a script of what she wanted us to say and what the people that were with her were suppose to do.  
   The 7 of us were all  sitting in the reception area just off the lobby.   We didn't even have a key for that area of the building so we couldn't have gotten up there if we wanted to.  Upstairs happened to be the costume area, the costume person had commented on the hats up there.  One day they were all put away on their shelves, the door would be locked and they were the only one with a key.  The next time they went back up to the costume room there were hats and shoes all over the place.
 There are many more incidents that happened in this theatre.  First hand from people who have worked there.  I will put them in my upcoming book "Confessions Of A Ghost Hunter." which should be out in 2015.
    But like I said, I hadn't been to this place for a couple of years.  I went to audition for a musical, the lobby was full of actors hoping to get a part and so I decided to chill in the seats of the auditorium.  The double doors were open, I sat on the end of a row in front of the doors.  I could see and hear every thing going on in the lobby.  I didn't turn the house lights on, the light from the lobby was plenty and I was just relaxing,  eavesdropping on the conversations below.  After I had been in the seat for about 10 minutes the house lights turned on.  I was the only one in the auditorium.  The switch for the house lights was back in the light booth and there was one under the stage.  I sat for a moment thinking  "hmmmm maybe they put in another light switch since I was here last."   I got up and turned the house lights off using the switch under the stage.  I sat back down and was playing a game on my phone, the lights came back on. I whispered "oh are you saying hi?  That is nice of you."  I was just being silly, like a ghost would remember me and want to say hi.  Again I got up and turned off the house lights.  Another person came up to the auditorium and sat a few rows behind me and talked on her phone.  We sat in the darken room for about 15 minutes and the other person got up and left.    She had just gotten down to the drinking fountain in the lobby when the lights came back on.  I thought "okay, you want the lights on I'll leave them on."  a few minutes latter my name was called to go audition. I turned the lights off before I headed down to the lobby.  There are about 8 or 9 stairs from the auditorium to the lobby and as I got to the 2nd stair the lights in the lobby went off and the lights in the auditorium were back on.   One of the girls waiting to audition gasped and asked the guy standing by the outside door if he had turned the lights off.  He shook his head no and he looked bewildered.  One of the other girls said "oh it was probably the ghost, no big deal."   I smiled and didn't say a word, went in and auditioned, then went back up to the auditorium to get my purse and my phone.  Once again I turned out the house lights and I said "goodbye, thanks for remembering me."  I didn't get a response.

Some one had decided while we were investigating the building that it wasn't a good thing to do and so we were not able to investigate there any more.  Part of the reason I auditioned for the show was so I could carry on investigating after rehearsals.  But I didn't get the part.   I suppose I didn't look the part of a starving mother between the ages of 30 and 40.
I'll probably visit there again during a rehearsal just to see what happens with the lights.  Was it me or just a glitch in the wiring?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Messages from the dead.

      About 7 years ago my father in law died.  He had lived a great life and was loved by many.  A few years before he passed, he told me he would like me to play a certain song at his funeral.  I had forgotten all about it until we were sitting in the office at the mortuary planning the program.  They had the musack playing "soothing music", There were beautiful statues of Jesus with children, beautiful silk floral arrangements, beautiful pictures on the walls.  The carpet and drapes were a soothing color, there were Sentsys with lavender scent that filled the whole place, all this  supposedly to lower the stress of the situation. 
        We are all sitting around a table talking about what we want on the program and my sister in law says "what was that one song Dad wanted?  He use to tell me he wanted that classical piece at his funeral."   I knew just what she was talking about, but I hadn't played it in at least a year and I knew I couldn't get it ready in three days.  Plus I was already singing with my husband.  So I just sat there, tears rolling down my face of course.  Just as we were finishing up, standing up to go home the music playing through the mortuary changes and it started playing "Clare De Lune" .  It's the song that plays at the end of "Oceans 11" when the group is standing by the dancing waters and they turn to go one by one.  That is the song my father in law wanted played at his funeral.   My mother in law and sister in law were shaking hands with the mortician thanking him for his help and my sister in law stops. "That is the song, that's the song he wanted at his service what is the name of it?"  I told her the name
and she said.  "There isn't any more room on the program, we will have them play it in the prelude and postlude."  I was ok with that as long as I didn't have to play it. 
  After I thought about it I thought "Oh my goodness, he was here, he was making sure we got that song on the program.  Why else would that song  have played at just that moment?"  I know he understood about me not playing it, I felt peaceful about the whole thing.
I'm glad to know he was there.

In Aug 2012 My mother in law died.  Another very sad occasion.  She wanted every thing in Pink.
The mortician even spray painted the vault pink, it was a nice touch.  Every one wore pink, the men in pink shirts and ties, pink flowers every where.  My kind of funeral.   My husband took this much harder than when his father died.  We had had a very traumatic year before then and it didn't get any better after the funeral either.
My husband would go up to the cemetery and stand at his parents graves when he began to miss his mom. 
   I received a cast call for couples to do a commercial.  It was to take place at a dance hall and they wanted couples of all ages and musicians of all ages to participate in this commercial shoot.
My husband and I know how to dance.  His parents taught us while we were dating.  We use to dance all the time. 
   On set the 2nd AD told us where to stand and to start dancing when the music started to play.  Music began and I listened to it for a minute and told my husband "The Swing?  Are we doing the swing?"   He said "Well actually it is suppose to be the fox trot.  But I don't know the fox trot."

We had a nice time dancing, it had been so long since we had been dancing.  I was glad they only shoot for a few minutes then said cut.  I was way out of shape and it was hard to dance any longer than we did.  During one of the breaks I looked at my husband and said "I'll bet your mom and dad are here, smiling at us."   he said "yes they're here, my mom talked to me when I said I didn't know the fox trot.  She said "I taught you the fox trot you should know that.'" I smiled, I could imagine her saying that to him.  The crew told us we danced great and looked like we had lessons and my husband told them all that his mom and dad taught us.  They taught many a lot of young men and women in their years as church dance directors.

A while after, that our marriage wasn't going to well.  You know how sometimes a marriage can be great and sometimes it can be bad.   like high tide and low tide.  Well this was a low tide moment, actually a couple of low tide weeks.  I was at a loss as to what to do. Then one day my husband started holding my hand and paying attention to me.  He said "let's go buy you a new lap top, I know yours has problems."  I was surprised I didn't want to jinx it but I had to know what had changed his thinking.  So I asked, he said "I went up to mom and dad's grave yesterday and I'm standing there thinking about them and you pop into my head and I hear my mom say Floyd, we brought you up better than that.  You know how you are suppose to treat your wife."  and things changed from that moment on.  There were a couple of oops moments but all in all it is a high tide marriage again.

I am glad to know she is still watching over us and keeps tabs on her kids.  <3

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ghost Inspiration at Karaoke

This is a true story, it really happened but I have changed the names because privacy is a big thing with ghost hunters. 

Karaoke  night, oh how I have missed it. Great friends playing bad pool, laughing, talking, voxting each other while sitting at the same table.  We are easily entertained what can I say.

While looking through the Karaoke song book I noticed an obituary hanging on the wall of the bar..  Being a person who is interested in dead people, I got up and took pictures of it with my phone.  All I could read was the name, so I googled the name on my phone. " Find a grave"  came up.  I don't think I have mentioned the Find A Grave Web Site.   It is awesome!  Put in a name and it will find their grave if possible.  You can add graves to the site that you know and ask people to take a picture of the headstone if you want.  You can also help people by taking pictures of headstones they would like.
     www.findagrave.com  check it out.

Any way, back to Karaoke night.  The name came up on find a grave, on my phone and it had no significance to any of my research, but it gave me an idea to look up a person that has passed that I have been searching for.  So I typed that name into "find a grave"and all this information came up, even a picture.
I know I have searched there before and found nothing. Now all the sudden I'm with the people who are most interested in the research of this particular person and I, all the sudden, find information and a picture!

  I down loaded the picture to my phone and showed the friends I was with.
I first showed it to Amy.  She got a stunned look on her face.
Her blood started pumping and pulse was racing.  "Is that. . .. who is that.?"  Amy questioned.
"You obviously have a feeling of who it is, who do you think it is?"   Her face was white as a ghost (no pun intended)  and her breath was rapid.  I showed my other friend, Cathy and she had the same reaction.
"Is it. . . Is is who i think it is?"  she said.  I replied "who do YOU think it is?"
"It has to be Lisha" I nodded my head and both friends immediately wanted me to forward the picture to their phones.  Which I did.  Cathy texted another of our friends who knew about Lisha. " Guess who Robin found" was the text.   She included the picture.  And immediately He texted back  "Is That Lisha? OMG how did she find that?"
We've all looked on find a grave for Lisha.  We have looked every where we could think of for information on Lisha.  We never did find much.   I contacted the person who uploaded Lisha's information and I asked if he had any other information, he said he had been looking for Lisha's information for ever as well.  She is part of his genealogy, but he hadn't found anything.  Then some family member posted stuff on another family history web site and he was able to get all this information from them.

The way this all happened seems like  a twilight zone episode to me.  Research doesn't usually happen like that.  Makes me wonder if Lisha had anything to do with it?   Maybe she knew Cathy, Amy, and I were going to be together that night and Maybe Lisha whispered in my ear to look her up.   I don't know but it sure seemed like a very well played coincidence.

This has been one of the most fascinating cases ever. It includes a ghost having a crush on a living person and visa versa, ghosts using cell phones, tables moving on their own.  Just an amazing case.
I believe Lisha was helping us the whole time.

Remember to hit the follow button so you can be updated when stories are posted and when the book is coming out and other important events.  Happy Haunting to you all.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Elevator part 2

I recently found out exactly where the Elevator at Ogden's Historic Union Station came from.
Boyles furniture was torn down to make room for the "New" Ogden mall.   They were able to save the beautiful elevator and install it in Union Station during the remodel in the 1970's.
     The beautiful ornate mirror in the Old Timers Hall was also from the Boyle Furniture company but originally it was in the beautiful Opera House that had been on Washington Blvd between 25th and 26th.
This mirror is said to be haunted although I've never heard a first hand or even second hand account.
There does seem to be a little girl haunting the depot.    Employees and paranormal investigators have heard her giggle and caught it on voice recorders.
There will be several stories in the book "Death At The Station" that will give insight to who it may be.  But I don't think we will ever know for sure.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A few weeks ago as I was rambling on about Ogdens Historic Union Station I mentioned the elevator.  to tell you the truth I'm not exactly sure where the elevator came from. It has a big B on it.  I heard it came from the BenLomnd hotel when they remodled and I heard it came from the Boyles furniture store.  The elevator itself is kind of creepy.
One time while setting up for an investigation, one of our members loaded up the elevator with all the equiptment, I got in and we were ready to go, at the last possible second the other member jumped out of the elevator and said "OOOHHHH NOOOOOO!".   Obviously this person had no chivalry, because they didn't hold the door so I could get out as well, they just jumped out themselves.   The elevator began to move up and opened on the second floor, nothing had happened, I didn't feel any thing and we unloaded the elevator and got set up for the investigation.  I just didn't think it was right that one member felt something off about the elevator and only thought about getting their hide off and not worrying about any one else.  

I will continue to try to find out where that elevator came from.  I'd like to mention that sometimes that elevator has a mind of it's own and moves up or down when no one has touched the buttons.  More study needs to be done on that.

But Spring scream is almost upon us.  This is a chance for you to come on an investigation at the Historical Ogden Union Station and ride the elevator, have your picture taken by the window in Old Timers hall.
And maybe if your lucky you will hear the little girl laugh. . . . . . . Oh I haven't told you about that?  hmmm
Next time!

happy hauntings to you