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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ghost Inspiration at Karaoke

This is a true story, it really happened but I have changed the names because privacy is a big thing with ghost hunters. 

Karaoke  night, oh how I have missed it. Great friends playing bad pool, laughing, talking, voxting each other while sitting at the same table.  We are easily entertained what can I say.

While looking through the Karaoke song book I noticed an obituary hanging on the wall of the bar..  Being a person who is interested in dead people, I got up and took pictures of it with my phone.  All I could read was the name, so I googled the name on my phone. " Find a grave"  came up.  I don't think I have mentioned the Find A Grave Web Site.   It is awesome!  Put in a name and it will find their grave if possible.  You can add graves to the site that you know and ask people to take a picture of the headstone if you want.  You can also help people by taking pictures of headstones they would like.
     www.findagrave.com  check it out.

Any way, back to Karaoke night.  The name came up on find a grave, on my phone and it had no significance to any of my research, but it gave me an idea to look up a person that has passed that I have been searching for.  So I typed that name into "find a grave"and all this information came up, even a picture.
I know I have searched there before and found nothing. Now all the sudden I'm with the people who are most interested in the research of this particular person and I, all the sudden, find information and a picture!

  I down loaded the picture to my phone and showed the friends I was with.
I first showed it to Amy.  She got a stunned look on her face.
Her blood started pumping and pulse was racing.  "Is that. . .. who is that.?"  Amy questioned.
"You obviously have a feeling of who it is, who do you think it is?"   Her face was white as a ghost (no pun intended)  and her breath was rapid.  I showed my other friend, Cathy and she had the same reaction.
"Is it. . . Is is who i think it is?"  she said.  I replied "who do YOU think it is?"
"It has to be Lisha" I nodded my head and both friends immediately wanted me to forward the picture to their phones.  Which I did.  Cathy texted another of our friends who knew about Lisha. " Guess who Robin found" was the text.   She included the picture.  And immediately He texted back  "Is That Lisha? OMG how did she find that?"
We've all looked on find a grave for Lisha.  We have looked every where we could think of for information on Lisha.  We never did find much.   I contacted the person who uploaded Lisha's information and I asked if he had any other information, he said he had been looking for Lisha's information for ever as well.  She is part of his genealogy, but he hadn't found anything.  Then some family member posted stuff on another family history web site and he was able to get all this information from them.

The way this all happened seems like  a twilight zone episode to me.  Research doesn't usually happen like that.  Makes me wonder if Lisha had anything to do with it?   Maybe she knew Cathy, Amy, and I were going to be together that night and Maybe Lisha whispered in my ear to look her up.   I don't know but it sure seemed like a very well played coincidence.

This has been one of the most fascinating cases ever. It includes a ghost having a crush on a living person and visa versa, ghosts using cell phones, tables moving on their own.  Just an amazing case.
I believe Lisha was helping us the whole time.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Elevator part 2

I recently found out exactly where the Elevator at Ogden's Historic Union Station came from.
Boyles furniture was torn down to make room for the "New" Ogden mall.   They were able to save the beautiful elevator and install it in Union Station during the remodel in the 1970's.
     The beautiful ornate mirror in the Old Timers Hall was also from the Boyle Furniture company but originally it was in the beautiful Opera House that had been on Washington Blvd between 25th and 26th.
This mirror is said to be haunted although I've never heard a first hand or even second hand account.
There does seem to be a little girl haunting the depot.    Employees and paranormal investigators have heard her giggle and caught it on voice recorders.
There will be several stories in the book "Death At The Station" that will give insight to who it may be.  But I don't think we will ever know for sure.