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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Messages from the dead.

      About 7 years ago my father in law died.  He had lived a great life and was loved by many.  A few years before he passed, he told me he would like me to play a certain song at his funeral.  I had forgotten all about it until we were sitting in the office at the mortuary planning the program.  They had the musack playing "soothing music", There were beautiful statues of Jesus with children, beautiful silk floral arrangements, beautiful pictures on the walls.  The carpet and drapes were a soothing color, there were Sentsys with lavender scent that filled the whole place, all this  supposedly to lower the stress of the situation. 
        We are all sitting around a table talking about what we want on the program and my sister in law says "what was that one song Dad wanted?  He use to tell me he wanted that classical piece at his funeral."   I knew just what she was talking about, but I hadn't played it in at least a year and I knew I couldn't get it ready in three days.  Plus I was already singing with my husband.  So I just sat there, tears rolling down my face of course.  Just as we were finishing up, standing up to go home the music playing through the mortuary changes and it started playing "Clare De Lune" .  It's the song that plays at the end of "Oceans 11" when the group is standing by the dancing waters and they turn to go one by one.  That is the song my father in law wanted played at his funeral.   My mother in law and sister in law were shaking hands with the mortician thanking him for his help and my sister in law stops. "That is the song, that's the song he wanted at his service what is the name of it?"  I told her the name
and she said.  "There isn't any more room on the program, we will have them play it in the prelude and postlude."  I was ok with that as long as I didn't have to play it. 
  After I thought about it I thought "Oh my goodness, he was here, he was making sure we got that song on the program.  Why else would that song  have played at just that moment?"  I know he understood about me not playing it, I felt peaceful about the whole thing.
I'm glad to know he was there.

In Aug 2012 My mother in law died.  Another very sad occasion.  She wanted every thing in Pink.
The mortician even spray painted the vault pink, it was a nice touch.  Every one wore pink, the men in pink shirts and ties, pink flowers every where.  My kind of funeral.   My husband took this much harder than when his father died.  We had had a very traumatic year before then and it didn't get any better after the funeral either.
My husband would go up to the cemetery and stand at his parents graves when he began to miss his mom. 
   I received a cast call for couples to do a commercial.  It was to take place at a dance hall and they wanted couples of all ages and musicians of all ages to participate in this commercial shoot.
My husband and I know how to dance.  His parents taught us while we were dating.  We use to dance all the time. 
   On set the 2nd AD told us where to stand and to start dancing when the music started to play.  Music began and I listened to it for a minute and told my husband "The Swing?  Are we doing the swing?"   He said "Well actually it is suppose to be the fox trot.  But I don't know the fox trot."

We had a nice time dancing, it had been so long since we had been dancing.  I was glad they only shoot for a few minutes then said cut.  I was way out of shape and it was hard to dance any longer than we did.  During one of the breaks I looked at my husband and said "I'll bet your mom and dad are here, smiling at us."   he said "yes they're here, my mom talked to me when I said I didn't know the fox trot.  She said "I taught you the fox trot you should know that.'" I smiled, I could imagine her saying that to him.  The crew told us we danced great and looked like we had lessons and my husband told them all that his mom and dad taught us.  They taught many a lot of young men and women in their years as church dance directors.

A while after, that our marriage wasn't going to well.  You know how sometimes a marriage can be great and sometimes it can be bad.   like high tide and low tide.  Well this was a low tide moment, actually a couple of low tide weeks.  I was at a loss as to what to do. Then one day my husband started holding my hand and paying attention to me.  He said "let's go buy you a new lap top, I know yours has problems."  I was surprised I didn't want to jinx it but I had to know what had changed his thinking.  So I asked, he said "I went up to mom and dad's grave yesterday and I'm standing there thinking about them and you pop into my head and I hear my mom say Floyd, we brought you up better than that.  You know how you are suppose to treat your wife."  and things changed from that moment on.  There were a couple of oops moments but all in all it is a high tide marriage again.

I am glad to know she is still watching over us and keeps tabs on her kids.  <3