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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Investigation results for The Horse. . . of course.


The Horse of Course Bar and Grill


This bar has been a bar for 50 years come Aug. 2014.  It was established in 1964 when the building was built.   It shares a building with Ye Old Lions Den restaurant which has been out of business for a number of years.  

July 29, 2014
The first visit we learned that many years ago a guy came into the bar, sat down and shot himself.  Kelly has seen this guy twice. 
Once up close, he was standing just outside her car.   In the parking lot of The Horse.

​Kelly also sensed a woman hanging around.  Couldn't tell much about her but the next time Robin came in ​Ferrin said they had taken the picture of Ethel (a former employee that had passed on) off the wall and everything in the bar went heywire.   Things did not work at all.   The next day they hung the picture back up and every thing worked just fine. 
​Robin asked if she could take down the picture during an investigation.
​Ferrin replied "no, no, no.  I can't afford that.   Unless you get permission from her first then you can take it down."

​Todd the co-owner said that on St. Patricks day they had streamers hanging down in the front entrance,  and he saw them go straight up and lay flat on the ceiling.  

​The previous owner has many tales of paranormal activity and will share it at Ghost Hunt 101. 

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